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Straight out of Wanbol: The Sotto Saga Continues

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In a surprising turn of events, almost two weeks after the Kennedys have called out the honourable, the valiant and a man of integrity named Vicente Sotto III for allegedly copying the work of the late Robert Kennedy, Tito Sotto, being a stand up guy that he is finally took the time to respond to the Kennedys and his critics. In a statement made by Sotto he said..

“Copying, imitation, is the highest form of flattery. If it upsets the Kennedy family, then I am sorry, but then that’s not my intention.”

There there. The ever outspoken Tito Sotto finally standing up for what he did. While this may be a far cry from his previous outbursts of stupidity with statements like “blogger lang yan,” and “tagalog na yan ah, baka sabihin niyo plagiarism pa rin yan” this doesn’t excuse him from being a sorry ass excuse for a politician that he is. Now that I got my sarcasm out of the way, allow me to retort.

Uncle, first up, copying and imitation are two different things. There’s a reason why great satirists such as Charlie Chaplin, Weird Al Yankovic and Stephen Colbert, to name a few are being heralded for their work. If we are going to go local, you have people like Michael V, Willie Nepomuceno and even Jose Manalo who have made the masses laugh their asses off with their satire, imitation and impersonation.

See the common denominator between the guys I’ve mentioned above? These guys are some of the best comedians, the best in their craft. All for entertainment, used for comic purposes, not direct. There’s a difference between Willie Nep imitating Erap or FPJ with him copying lines of other comedians. And that’s where the problem here arises.

Assuming that there isn’t really a fine line between copying and imitating, the fact that Tito brought his comic ways in one of the highest institutions in the Philippines, the Senate, is also inexcusable in itself. Saying, or blatantly admitting that he has copied the Kennedy speech directly by trying to tone it down with the highest form of flattery bullshit doesn’t clear his image from the fucked up politician visual that the masses, the thinking ones, view him now. This alone proves that Tito’s form of judgment is better off when he’s giving away scores for random singers in the opening segment of the longest running noontime show in television, my favorite (no sarcasm here), Eat Bulaga! Achecheche!

This isn’t even an issue of the RH Bill anymore. I don’t care if you support or if you are against the bill, if you condone Tito Sotto’s action just because you’re on the same side on the RH issue, then frankly you are one of the all singing, all dancing crap of the earth. (Durden, 1999) And by the way Tito, that’s how you cite people. It’s not that hard, is it?

Bottom line is, this is what we get for continuing to support people like Tito Sotto and the others during elections. This is what we get. The highest form of incompetence. The highest form of arrogance. This is what we get for getting a comedian out of Wanbol University to make the laws for us.

Granted that copying is the highest form of flattery, as what Tito said in his privilege speech, allow me to say that Tito Sotto is the highest form of stupidity.


Written by bassman500

November 13, 2012 at 5:57 PM

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