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Target Practice

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Ahh my old sanctuary

It feels good to be here again. Where I can really let out my angst and release everything save for my feces.

Having to write sports on various online publications is one thing that I truly enjoy, the privilege of having to write about something that you enjoy is indeed a very enviable job to have. But to have the privilege of having to write everything about something you don’t like so much? Priceless.

That is something that I can’t do when I’m writing about balls and sweaty men during a game (you and your dirty mind) or when I’m seriously pacing myself on writing something about the administration of my college in my column at our school paper. There is something innately, inherently, quintessentially and fundamentally exclusive about writing for feed the illiterate which makes me want to go back here no matter how hard I try to forget that I had this blog once.

And here are the reasons why.

This is the only medium wherein I can ask Tito Sotto to go fuck himself backwards while he’s tied upside down.

The only medium wherein I can suggest that Marian Rivera, Willie Revillame and these other mindless showbiz creatures be the welcoming committee to Aliens should they come just so I can hear Buzz Lightyear’s immortal line from these aliens, “there seems to be no sign of intelligent life somewhere”

The only medium wherein I can rant about KC Concepcion and Anne Curtis getting record deals despite their god awful voice and music and how people are actually buying it.

The only medium wherein I can say that the 2013 Senatorial candidates are all full of shit.

The only medium wherein I can talk about Kris Aquino and how she wants to get talked about all the time. (does that even add up?)

The only medium wherein I can say fuck you, you blindfolded ignorant asswipes to the supporters of the cybercrime act of 2012.

The only medium wherein I can mock these hijo de puta coño punyetas who think they’re God’s gift to mankind.

The only medium wherein I can talk about how Noynoy is one underperforming Homer Simpson look alike who has a presidential communications group that’s actually whinier than him (it’s that bad)

You get the point. Expect more of these. I am fucking back!


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November 1, 2012 at 4:43 AM

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When I started the Feed the Illiterate project, I promised to myself never to write anything personal, for it became the downfall of my last blog. After being an open book for about 2-3 years during the Morbidity Encoded days, I decide to just leave that blog for good because you know, you just get tired of shoving your personal life into the throats of your readers. Add to it the fact that you just want to move on from something that I consider as my past life and there you have it.

Now here I am, writing something personal where I promised not to. Savor it people, the next time I’ll write something personal here is during my next birthday or my last hours here in on earth, and I do hope you’re all there to witness it. Heh.

Anyway, let’s cut the dramatic bullshit and let’s get straight to the point.

Two years ago, I was lying in a hospital bed, with IVs and stuff, alone. My friends are gone, my parents had work and I was left there thinking why on earth do I have to spend my 18th birthday on a hospital bed. But then I realized, what’s up with birthdays anyway? To quote the words of my Titas when we’re joking around lilipas din yan. Granted, it is only a date, but your birthday only happens to be one of the two dates wherein people in the world would care about you. The other would be your death anniversary. Haha.

Anyway, two years later, here I am celebrating what could be one of the most fulfilling birthdays I’ve ever had.. ever (Exaggerating here).

I was really overwhelmed with all the greetings that I received. Despite being cut short financially (Yeah I know, dami kong utang na alak sa inyong lahat hehe) I was contented. I even posted earlier that the total amount of money in my wallet is ten pesos. Yes, ten fucking pesos. Talking about being broke eh? But when you have about 140+ wall posts in Facebook  from your friends, relatives, professors and even past loves (Haha) and you received about 10 calls, and 100 text messages from people all over the world, you have to be contented, because after all, that’s all that matters.

Here, it was fun, just being around your family and your closest friends the whole day. Each of them chipping in just to make a little celebration possible, it was very very very heart warming.  Right now I just came home from my cousin’s house and yeah, I’m a little bit drunk (just enough consciousness to write) and what do you know, he sponsored the drinks that we chugged. Regardless of how few and what drinks we had (A bottle of gin and vodka.. Local!) it was the people that I’m drinking with that matters. You have two of your closest cousins, three of your closest friends, just drinking the night away despite all of us having school/work in a couple of hours. That was my kind of celebration and for that I’m really really happy.

Now, I’m venturing into the second decade of my life. I have lots of plans ahead. So Lord, if kasama na ko sa plans mo (You guys know what I mean) wag muna please. Hehe.

I have a documentary coming up, target release date would be the first week of October. Of course, I still have to finish the Lukas Baldomir project, and I promise to come up with my third entry soon. After the docu, who knows? Maybe an independent film would be coming up? It all depends on how my documentary looks, let’s see.

Anyway, you guys are the reason why I’m still here and all the things that I’m really good at, if there’s any, I owe it to you guys. In the lowest point of my life you were the ones who picked me up and shoved me back into the right track. Rest assured, you’re all part of all the things that I will be doing in the next decade or so.

Thank you for ushering me into my twentieth year of my existence, hoping to see you guys next year, and the next and the next one of the next one til the last one before the last. 🙂 Have a good day everyone!

– Chris 😀

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August 31, 2010 at 3:07 AM

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From Where I Stand

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Got bored so I took the test. Sounds about right

Now let’s see how they did

Take the test here

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August 14, 2010 at 4:20 PM

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Let’s get it on!

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Months after the initial “match” ended, we all know it warrants a rematch.

In the red corner, the Department of Health and several members of the incoming 15th congress.

In the blue corner, The Holy Catholic Church, with all of it’s branches and organizations and about millions of Catholics all over the Philippines.

Two years ago, Congressman Edcel Lagman of the 1st district of Albay authored the proposal of House Bill no 17.  It is commonly known as the Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008 or RH bill for people who doesn’t like typing. The proposed bill will most likely cover all of these aspects

  • information and access to natural and modern family planning;
  • maternal, infant and child health and nutrition;
  • promotion of breast feeding;
  • prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications;
  • adolescent and youth health; prevention and management of reproductive tract infections, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • elimination of violence against women; counseling on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health;
  • treatment of breast and reproductive tract cancers;
  • male involvement and participation in reproductive health;
  • prevention and treatment of infertility; and
  • reproductive health education for the youth.

The Holy Catholic Church, in on their own right, fought the RH Bill with everything they’ve got. Their reasons are quite simple,  it is anti-life and it promotes promiscuity among teenagers.

So after months and months of jockeying and pushing for position, after all the punches have been thrown, the Holy Catholic Church managed to “abort” (pardon the pun) the proposal of Rep.Edcel Lagman in the 14th congress.

Now, with the opening of the 15th congress nearing, the RH Bill advocates and the Department of Health are eager for a rematch.

“I call for the acceleration of efforts that shall champion reproductive health,” DOH Secretary Enrique Ona said.

So who’ll take the rematch? Let’s see

The RH bill advocates are pretty confident about winning this time around. With the said backing of P-Noy (Which sounds pretty close to P-Nis.. just a thought) they are looking to push for a better fight this time. In the 14th congress, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was lukewarm on the said issue which became one of the few reasons why it never really had a chance to be passed. Well we all know if Tita Glow wants something to be passed, it will  be passed *ehem* con-ass *ehem

Anyway, the advocates of the bill are looking forward to see Noynoy put up a much better stance on it, hoping that it will give them a fighting chance in the 15th congress.

The Catholic Church on the other hand, well, let’s say they have the manpower and the influence advantage.

The main thing that they have over the advocates of the said bill is that most of our congressmen are catholics. Some are devoted to their faith which I respect but the sad thing about it is that, some of the representatives are not even thinking of passing it because of their virtues and beliefs but instead, they’re afraid that they’ll be losing the support of the millions of Catholics all over the Philippines. Add to it the pressure that the church that has been putting on all of lawmakers and there you go, an easy win.

The most crucial thing about this one will be President Aquino’s stand on the issue. If you would see back then, he was a supporter of the RH Bill, he then shied away from the issue because of a year old circus tour called the elections.

Now this decision will both make and break Mr Aquino to the masses, it depends on how you’ll look at it. If he supports the RH Bill, he’ll be the man with the balls of steel to some and a guy who turned away from his faith to others. If he doesn’t,  he’ll be known as a guy who championed life and the beliefs of the church to some and the guy who succumbed to the pressure of the church to others. It’s a tough predicament for P-Noy, considering his mother, the late president Cory Aquino was a devout catholic.

At the end of the day, let’s just hope that our president, the lawmakers and all the people involved here would be making the right decision. A right decision where in the common good shall be promoted, and will be of use to the Filipino people in the near future.

So let the battle begin, again.

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July 22, 2010 at 4:35 PM

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Dugo sa Kanin

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May dugo sa kanin may dugo sa kanin
May sumbrerong lumilipad sa hangin
Umabot sa dahas may baril na pumutok
Mga magsasakang matagal nang lugmok

Nang dahil sa palay nang dahil sa palay
Mangagawang gutom nawalan ng buhay
Tinangay ng mga “diyos” na ayaw sa ingay
Ilang buhay pa ba ang kailangan ialay?

Pangakong napako pangakong pinako
Mga pagpatay na walang umaako
Pangakong demokrasya nauwi sa disgrasya
Pangakong demokrasya, nasaan na nga ba?

May dugo sa kanin may dugo ang kanin
Mga tanong na tinatanong ko sa akin
Paano maisusubo paano sisikmurain?
Kung nalaman mo na may dugo ang kanin?

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July 13, 2010 at 9:59 PM

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So, who’s gonna step up to the plate?

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Puro Wang-Wang nalang ba tayo?

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July 13, 2010 at 6:33 PM

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Wang-Wangs and Land Reforms

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(Wang)-Wang Inang Yan

“Kayo ba ay minsan ring nalimutan ng pamahalaang inyong iniluklok sa puwesto? Ako rin. Kayo ba ay nagtiis na sa trapiko para lamang masingitan ng isang naghahari-hariang de-wangwang sa kalsada? Ako rin. Kayo ba ay sawang-sawa na sa pamahalaang sa halip na magsilbi sa taumbayan ay kailangan pa nila itong pagpasensiyahan at tiisin? Ako rin.

“Walang lamangan, walang padrino, walang magnanakaw. Walang wang-wang, walang counterflow at walang tong!”

Those are just some of the words that sinked into the minds of the Filipino people after P-Noy’s inaugural address last week. It has been well accepted by the majority of the people who managed to spend time watching him talk for 23 minutes straight. It was a very simple and a very humble move indeed for a President to say that he’ll be having no special treatments while travelling. After all, on the way to the Malacanang and Quirino Grandstand, he did observe the traffic rules by stopping when the light is red, u-turning in the proper direction instead of just going left and yeah, he didn’t use any sirens.

It was deemed as symbolic, inspiring and a “new start” by the media people and ordinary citizens alike (More on the “new start” part later) I guess that’s what happens when you just spent 9 years dealing with a President whose face can be compared to those Michelin tires or those college books that you used to have, masyadong makapal kasi e.

What’s funny is, a day after the inaugural address, the driver of the jeepney that I was riding on the way to school almost got into a fight because of guess what? Traffic issues. Yeah, such an inspiring speech e?

Anyway, to cut the shit short, I am one of the people who weren’t really impressed with how Mr. Aquino addressed the Filipino people in his big day. His rhetoric professor back in Ateneo must be so proud of him though as through his 23 minutes of speech the we were drowned in a pool of rhetoric. And oh God, the Filipino people loves it. Can’t blame them though, as the emotions of the Filipino people were naturally high at that very moment.

Once again, we were plastered with band-aids and pain killers, heck.. put in some morphine and heroin in there too. Because for a day, through Mr.Aquino’s speech, we were able to forget the present problems. And much like painkillers and narcotics, Mr Aquino’s speech delivered also no effects for the long run.

He gave us what we wanted to hear, much like how a drug addict feels each and everytime he injects a syringe of heroin into his veins. But at the end of the day when the effects are over, he’s still his old miserable self.. waiting for another moment where in he’ll have his chance of injecting a new one into his blood, much like how we’re still the same, 27 million Filipinos are still starving, millions are still jobless and homeless.

While we heard what we wanted to hear, some of the things that we needed to hear went AWOL. Concrete solutions on how to end unemployment, a concrete plan on how to reduce those 27 million Filipinos who are starving and uhm, land reforms. Amidst the beautiful things that Mr.Aquino said, amidst all the rhetorics and the simplicity and the humility in the 23 minutes of his address, he failed to deliver the right words that will make me feel realistically hopeful for this country. It’s basically the same shit.. from a different politician. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard all those things from a certain guy named Joseph Ejercito Estrada before?

To conclude this one, the country’s problems roots more than it meets the eye. While it’s nice to see a President leading by example, it’s not like we haven’t heard all of the things that he said before. I’m quite disappointed that I didn’t hear anything on the things that matters more than traffic problems and sirens. It’s time to face the music Mr.President, and I hope it won’t be all about “Wang Wangs” and asshole drivers.

Same shit, different leader.

Yesterday, about 40 farmers were violently arrested by the Manila Police while doing a peaceful demonstration regarding land reforms, something that President Aquino missed out on his inaugural address. Some of the farmers that were included in the demonstration were farmers from Hacienda Luisita, a hacienda owned by none other than the Cojuangco family. Now you know.

Which brings me to this, I thought things are going to be different now? This is how Gloria Macapal-Arroyo handled things back then, now here we are, with Noynoy Aquino promising to be CWGMA’s anti-thesis, doing the same old things that Mrs Arroyo’s government used to do to her critics. That doesn’t sound good.

It is also interesting to note that 23 years ago, 13 protesters were killed also in Mendiola. Ironically it was under the regime of the late President Corazon Aquino, who happened to be Noynoy’s mom. The issue at hand? Land reform.

If Noynoy truly wants us to believe that things are going to be different right now, well facing the issue at hand and not hiding behind the brutal force of the police would be a good start.

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July 5, 2010 at 1:52 AM

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