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Straight out of Wanbol: The Sotto Saga Continues

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In a surprising turn of events, almost two weeks after the Kennedys have called out the honourable, the valiant and a man of integrity named Vicente Sotto III for allegedly copying the work of the late Robert Kennedy, Tito Sotto, being a stand up guy that he is finally took the time to respond to the Kennedys and his critics. In a statement made by Sotto he said..

“Copying, imitation, is the highest form of flattery. If it upsets the Kennedy family, then I am sorry, but then that’s not my intention.”

There there. The ever outspoken Tito Sotto finally standing up for what he did. While this may be a far cry from his previous outbursts of stupidity with statements like “blogger lang yan,” and “tagalog na yan ah, baka sabihin niyo plagiarism pa rin yan” this doesn’t excuse him from being a sorry ass excuse for a politician that he is. Now that I got my sarcasm out of the way, allow me to retort.

Uncle, first up, copying and imitation are two different things. There’s a reason why great satirists such as Charlie Chaplin, Weird Al Yankovic and Stephen Colbert, to name a few are being heralded for their work. If we are going to go local, you have people like Michael V, Willie Nepomuceno and even Jose Manalo who have made the masses laugh their asses off with their satire, imitation and impersonation.

See the common denominator between the guys I’ve mentioned above? These guys are some of the best comedians, the best in their craft. All for entertainment, used for comic purposes, not direct. There’s a difference between Willie Nep imitating Erap or FPJ with him copying lines of other comedians. And that’s where the problem here arises.

Assuming that there isn’t really a fine line between copying and imitating, the fact that Tito brought his comic ways in one of the highest institutions in the Philippines, the Senate, is also inexcusable in itself. Saying, or blatantly admitting that he has copied the Kennedy speech directly by trying to tone it down with the highest form of flattery bullshit doesn’t clear his image from the fucked up politician visual that the masses, the thinking ones, view him now. This alone proves that Tito’s form of judgment is better off when he’s giving away scores for random singers in the opening segment of the longest running noontime show in television, my favorite (no sarcasm here), Eat Bulaga! Achecheche!

This isn’t even an issue of the RH Bill anymore. I don’t care if you support or if you are against the bill, if you condone Tito Sotto’s action just because you’re on the same side on the RH issue, then frankly you are one of the all singing, all dancing crap of the earth. (Durden, 1999) And by the way Tito, that’s how you cite people. It’s not that hard, is it?

Bottom line is, this is what we get for continuing to support people like Tito Sotto and the others during elections. This is what we get. The highest form of incompetence. The highest form of arrogance. This is what we get for getting a comedian out of Wanbol University to make the laws for us.

Granted that copying is the highest form of flattery, as what Tito said in his privilege speech, allow me to say that Tito Sotto is the highest form of stupidity.


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November 13, 2012 at 5:57 PM

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Fallacies and Solutions to Immorality

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Whenever an RH Bill supporter and a detractor comes to an argument about whether the bill should be passed or not, the argument will always come down to the issue of morality.  Most RH Bill naysayers would argue that once this bill would be enacted, immorality will ensue. That’s what the church has been claiming, whether it will result to pre-marital sex or sex outside marriage or just a down right plain argument that you’re breaking the Lord’s  will if you pass it, you will always be labeled pro-immorality if you’re for the bill.

If we’re going to look at it, the proper question should be, will this bill really destroy morality?

If you say yes, the follow up question would be, have you checked your logic notes lately?

Because by saying that immorality will ensue once this bill would be enacted, it would result to a fallacy called slippery slope. The slippery slope fallacy happens when a person (Or a group in this case) asserts that a major event will INEVITABLY follow a certain event, and unless one finds the middle ground of the said issue, then the argument will be deemed as a fallacy.

Now let’s look at the middle ground.

Now philosophically speaking, the middle ground is usually the connector or the line between point A and point C, in this case RH Bill and Immorality. Now the question here is, does point A really lead to point C? And where can we find point B?

Enter point B, condoms are instruments of immorality.

Now that we have the connecting point from A (RH Bill) to C (Immorality) which is point b (Condoms are instruments of immorality) can we truly say that the point B is absolutely the reason why point C will happen? Or are they only CORRELATED and that point C can ALWAYS be there without point A and point B? Unfortunately, if you would observe the things that are happening right now, the massive growth of pre-marital pregnancies and the number of unwanted pregnancies, you will see that POINT C has always been there, even without the first 2 points. And that’s something that they aren’t getting. It has always been there.

Alright fine,  let’s give it to them. Condoms could really push one to commit pre-marital sex because, yeah, it really takes away the pressure of getting a lady impregnated. I mean, if I have a plastic on my penis and it can almost assure me of getting away with the deed, then why the hell won’t I do it?

But let’s not sway away at the topic, let’s go back to the point, will it only be the cause of immorality? How about, fuck no?

If they really want to stop immorality then they’ve got to take away other factors that is pushing thoughts of immorality to young children.

Let’s start in Local Television. Eat Bulaga and Willie Revillame’s shows must not include women dancing with their skimpy shorts, because it will stimulate the mind of the young kids sexually. Second, ladies in primetime shows must wear long skirts, atleast knee high, and must not show any skin up top. A jacket will do.  Sexy commercials should be banned, and we should have an hourly PSA from the CBCP, the best freaking source of morality on the planet.  And oh, the Angelus, the 3 oclock prayer shows should be given a one hour special daily.

In news shows, pretty newscasters shouldn’t be allowed on screen, the only anchor that should be allowed to broadcast news to the people is Susan Enriquez! Kay Susan Tayo!!

In print, radio and advertising, they should take away Angel Locsin’s gigantic boob-tastic billboards and change it to Santino, sporting a swimsuit two piece, something the priests would surely love.  No thought provoking ads should be allowed, only Jesus Saves and Have You Talked to God Lately messages. They should lock down all newspaper publishing houses and monitor it 24/7 to make sure that no thought provoking article or ads would show, all the articles must be checked 24/7, who the fuck cares about freedom to inform and freedom of speech? It’s God’s will!

In films, it should be mandatory for Cable TV film channels to show atleast one of these films per day, the Passion of the Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar (The musical ultimate encore) The Gospel According to St. Matthew and for Cinema One, Matt Ranilo’s Cristo.

In the new media, they should lockdown the internet. Facebook should never be allowed for the only book that must be read is the bible. Everyone should change their homepages to vatican.va to check if the holy fuhrer Pope Benedict XVI has something to say.

There. There’s a moral world for you. And oh, welcome back to 1521 everyone, put a shotgun to my mouth while you’re at it.

All I’m saying is, if they want their argument to be truly correct and they’re really for a moral world then they should do all the little things that I’ve said above. After all, morality really is a big issue to them isn’t it?  But until then, maybe they should look for other arguments that would make me atleast uhm, think when I’m coming up with a rebuttal. 🙂

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April 4, 2011 at 12:51 AM

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All Your Popular (Non) Solutions are Belong to Noy

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Before you turn into a grammar police and slap your badge all over my face for a grammar failure at my title, let me say that the title of this entry is based on a popular internet meme back then “All Your Base are Belong to Us” derived from the popular game ZeroWing.  So cut me some slack and let me do my thing, on to the content shall we?

In one of my previous entries, I pointed that I wasn’t really impressed with how President Aquino delivered his inaugural address. I compared his speech to pain killers and it’s effects (or lack thereof) in the long run.

Many people commended Mr.Aquino for delivering such a humble piece in the biggest day of his life. Wang-Wang’s aside, what most of us failed to see is that while it sounds good to the ears, we failed to analyze the repercussions and implications of all the humility that he promised and is showing right now. Most people call his deeds as “leading by example”, let me call it popular (non) solutions.

Yesterday, another example of a popular (non) solution was given out by the President. In a meeting at NDCC, Mr Aquino berated the PAGASA for their failure in forecasting the direction of Lola Basyang. While it was definitely a big mistake on the PAGASA’s part, would it really be of help to scold one of the most under-addressed organizations in our country?

What hit me is that, as always, the Filipinos commended Mr. Aquino for his actions. My Facebook and Twitter account got flooded by wall posts and tweets, praising Mr Aquino for attacking PAGASA in front of the media and the audience watching nationwide. I don’t really get it, in doing what he did, what impact did it made in terms of improving our weather forecast system?

Again, a prime example of a popular (non) solution.

The fact is, Noy can go berserk anytime he wants on PAGASA and it won’t change one motherfucking thing. He can say anything he wants to say and majority of the people will applaud him for it but at the end of the day, we still have one of the most inferior systems when it comes to weather forecasting.

I’m no expert but here’s a suggestion, maybe before he goes berserk on an organization, how about going after the roots of the problem? After all, the primary problem of our weather forecast system is funding, machinery and manpower. Instead of doing the popular thing, like putting the blame on something or someone, why not spend time on thinking of solutions on how to improve the system? After all, that’s part of his job right?

The thing is PAGASA is undermanned and underfunded. For him to expect flawless results out of a way-behind-organization-in-terms-of-machinery in such a complicated situation is something absurd. And what are my basis when I said that the organization is undermanned and underfunded? Here it is..

  • The fund alloted for PAGASA is roughly 800 million pesos
  • A doppler radar, something that is very vital when it comes to weather forecasting, costs around 2 million dollars each. An estimate of 90 million pesos.
  • We have TWO, I repeat, TWO doppler radars working in our country. The minimum requirement for a country to have a respectable weather forecast system is 12.
  • As of the time being, we have 13 meteorologists working in 3 shifts a day. The ideal one would be about 16-20 workers  a day.
  • In the past month, 3 of our best meteorologists has already been pirated by other countries. The main reason? To look for greener pastures.

If you would analyze all of the things that I’ve said above, you would see that there definitely is a big problem in the organization . Whether it be in terms of machineries or manpower, it definitely needs all the help it can get. And for the president to actually scold them for failing to correctly “predict” a storm considering the circumstances that they are going through is pretty much unfair to the people working in PAGASA. If he wants improvement in terms of results then he should be ready to give the people proper fundings in able to work properly. Berating an organization doesn’t help at all, it’s only a waste of time.

But as long as the masses are commending you for it, I guess it’s okay right? It’s okay to put the blame on someone else without addressing the real problems at hand. And it’s okay to be humble and at the same time put the PSG and the people around you at risk of attacks each and everytime you stop at every stoplight. I guess it’s okay, it’s popular, why the hell not?

Sarcasm over, we want real results, real solutions. Not popular ones. You’ve proven your point, you’ve already showed you can be one of us, now it’s time to act like not one of us and be the leader that you should be.

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July 16, 2010 at 1:31 AM

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Dugo sa Kanin

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May dugo sa kanin may dugo sa kanin
May sumbrerong lumilipad sa hangin
Umabot sa dahas may baril na pumutok
Mga magsasakang matagal nang lugmok

Nang dahil sa palay nang dahil sa palay
Mangagawang gutom nawalan ng buhay
Tinangay ng mga “diyos” na ayaw sa ingay
Ilang buhay pa ba ang kailangan ialay?

Pangakong napako pangakong pinako
Mga pagpatay na walang umaako
Pangakong demokrasya nauwi sa disgrasya
Pangakong demokrasya, nasaan na nga ba?

May dugo sa kanin may dugo ang kanin
Mga tanong na tinatanong ko sa akin
Paano maisusubo paano sisikmurain?
Kung nalaman mo na may dugo ang kanin?

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July 13, 2010 at 9:59 PM

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A New Beginning, “Progress” for Sale and the Same Old Problems That Needs to be Addressed

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A New Beginning?

With only hours leading to the inauguration of President Elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the emotions of the Filipino people are on its peak again. The same kind of emotion that steered the Aquino candidacy during the campaign period. The expectations are high, considering all the ear-candy promises that P-Noy gave out during the campaign period, “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap” “Daan sa Landas na Matuwid” are among some of those ear-candies that P-Noy said during the height of his campaign.

Most people that I have talked with compared P-Noy’s run at the Presidency to Barack Obama’s run in the States. After all, both are taking over an administration that’s tainted with lies, corruption and distrust, both are charismatic leaders that almost had a clean slate in their previous political run and the biggest similarity that I could see is the fact that their campaigns were steered by the emotion of the people. Again, the term emotion.

When the Aquino Administration part deux  begins in a couple of hours, expect that flame of the emotions to fan out. At the end of the day, we’re still living with the same set of problems, facing the same old politicians in the local government, 27 million Filipinos are still starving and millions of Filipinos are still unemployed. Now here are the challenges that I’ll be bringing up to the Filipino people and to the Aquino administration..

1) Will we be patient enough to give P-Noy a chance to work out the present problems little by little? Or will the same people who were shouting “Noynoy! Noynoy!” during the campaign period be the first ones to complain if Noy fails to address the problems in the country in the first year or two of his administration?

2) Will P-Noy step up to the plate and face the increasing problems of our country without having to think about the interests of the people around him and his family? Or will he continue his Obama similarity by becoming a person who came short to his ear-candies and “emotion” filled campaign?

As for me, I want to remain as optimistic as possible, I did not support President Aquino during the elections but as I’ve said, the only thing we can do now is to respect the voice of the majority of the Filipino people and support the incoming president. I hope P-Noy would run his campaign through accountability and transparency, as what he promised during the pre-elections period.

The emotions are about to hit the floor, the smoke is about to clear out, now’s the time to prove that the majority Filipino people made the right choice.

Progress for sale

“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Remember that line? That was the coined by the Joker in the 1989 Batman film. What’s it relevance? Read on.

For 9 years, the Filipinos have been dancing with the Devil in the pale moonlight. For 9 years, we’ve been dancing to the tune that is being played by the people who was controlling the music box all along. For 9 years, most people have been led to believe that there’s actually “progress” that’s happening here in our country.

Progress? Progress my ass.

While it’s nice to see a new train here, and a nice new highway there..  all of those things are basically a cover up mechanism that the outgoing administration has fed us for the past couple of years. And it’s sad that some of the Filipinos are actually buying that bullshit that they’ve been feeding us for years now.

However, we must not forget the fact that behind those shiny new things are the same old crooked people that has gained ten-folds more than what they should be getting. To be honest with you, we are getting crumbs of what we really deserve. We are getting the left-overs or in layman’s term “Mumu”. Making a nice new highway is good but what about the people living beside that nice new highway? Making a new railroad is very convenient but what about the beggars desperately begging for money on the stairs of it? What about the farmers, the fishermen and all the other people who can’t even taste the fruits of their own labors?

Progress? Yeah, Progress. It’s actually for sale, are you buying?

Marginalized,  personalized

Last weekend, I was lucky to be a part of an outreach team that gave out goods in the mountains of Pililla, Rizal. What I saw is something that you won’t see in the “Infomercials” of PGMA’s achievements. It is something that you won’t often see in the news shows or in your own local news paper. It is the face of poverty.. squared.

I am familiar to poverty. I am familiar to seeing people beg for food, for money and for drinks. I am familiar to seeing people sleep and live in the sidewalks but what I saw there was something different. It is something that I hope the new administration would be focusing on in the next 6 years.

What I saw there was the real definition of marginalized. People without voices to the public, people who are literally unnoticed, people with limited access to their physical, intellectual and spiritual needs. While it’s nice to give out goods every once and a while to them, it’s a short term solution. What these people need are solutions in the long run, and ordinary citizens like me and the rest of the group cannot do this alone. We also need the government to take a stand on this.

We need all the help we can get to help not only those people in Pililla but to all those people who are currently facing the same situation all over the Philippines. They are the people that needs help, they are the people that should be given focus by the government and until the problems of those people are addressed, then the so-called progress that the outgoing administration has stated and the incoming administration has promised is yet to be reached.

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On Sex Education: Why Can’t We All Be Friends?

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I can remember the days where in I was in Elementary, studying in Notre Dame of Greater Manila, a Catholic school somewhere in Monumento which is being spearheaded by OMI people. It was an all boys school back then, so you know how it works.

At one point, I saw some of my friends compiled in one isolated place with their eyes isolated on a piece of newspaper. Once I approached them, I found out that it was a newspaper named “Toro” it’s basically a tabloid  which is focused less on the “Information” side of things and more on the “action” side of it. To make it quick, it’s basically a softcore porn-ish type of tabloid which grew spurts in the early 00’s.

Being about 11 years old back then, I found a sense of excitement each and everytime we read things in there. It became an almost daily habit for us kids which continued for weeks. What happened next? Go figure.

I really don’t have to relay all the information here for you to get what I’m trying to say. Kids today are not naive. Kids may have already figured out about the birds and the bees at an earlier age than we were. With how quickly the information is sent at this era and how easily we have access to every kind of medium of entertainment today, it’s not far fetched that a little 9 year old kid may already be surfing the internet to watch porn. It’s sad I know, but we’re talking about reality here.

We’re living in an era where in the media basically controls everything. A little 8 year old kid can turn on the TV and find a half naked Angelica Panganiban flirting with his leading men on a Primetime television show in the country’s biggest network.  An 11 year old elementary student who’s on his way to school can see billboards of Angel Locsin, proudly flashing her “jugs” for a swimsuit company. Heck, a 10 year old kid can be freely playing in the park and see a couple doing some “bad romance” somewhere in the dark.

So what am I trying to point out here? We’re in an era now where in the influence of the social media to all those little kids is something that we cannot really control anymore. As much as the elders would love to, especially the parents, they have to admit that they can’t monitor their children 24/7 and they definitely cannot totally control what they see on the computer, what they hear on the radio, what they watch on the TV and what they’ll hear from their friends. If we would really love to save the morality of the children today and eventually stop them from doing sex out of marriage, then we’re going to need all the help we can get.

To quote ang Kapatiran head honcho Eric Manalang

“Sex education in schools is not the answer. It promotes promiscuity among children… it does not promote the proper values that we want our children to receive in schools and we believe sex education should strictly remain a family affair.”

Now to break down what Mr Manalang said..

1) “Promotes promiscuity among children”

If you read what I’ve said above then you may have already a clue on what I’m going to be saying here. We’ve come to a point where in the influence of the Mass Media on how a child thinks is something beyond the control of the parents and the church. I’m not going to give out all the examples that I’ve said above because it’s going to be redundant but you’ll get the point. To say the least, all of the things that will be TAUGHT on the children in their respective classrooms may deem “soft” compared to what the students may have already heard or watched thanks again to the influence of the media.

2) “it does not promote the proper values that we want our children to receive in schools”

By about age 12 I already had a clue on what a reproductive system is, how a sperm cell travels from the man thing up to the woman thing until the sperm meets with the egg and forms a new baby. If you’ve read about the planned curriculum of the DepEd regarding Sex Education it basically revolves around that teaching with a little bit of info on how we can stop Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the Risk of Unwanted Pregnancies and Sexual Abstinence. I don’t know how talking about that thing can harm one student’s mind.. considering how all the things around them basically suggests something worst.

3) “we believe sex education should strictly remain a family affair”

The problem is, the topic regarding sexuality is often being ducked during family discussions. We’re born in a culture were in talking about sex is almost “illegal” in family matters. Heck, up to now, I can’t remember one moment where in I talked to my parents about sex. Here’s a question to all naysayers, have you ever talked about sex in front of your parents? I bet we all have the same answers.

Another problem with this is, what if the information that most parents will be having is limited? How will you fully educate a child about certain things when you for yourself doesn’t have one fucking clue of what you’re talking about? This is why we need the help of the professionals.

To cut it short, I really don’t see what the problem is regarding the implementation of Sex Education courses in the schools. With how I look at it, if we really want to save the morality of this generation.. we all have to work together, the Government, the Parents and the Church.

The job of the parents and the church is to uplift the morality of the children today, and as much as I would hate to say it, they’ve failed in that part more times than not and I’m talking through experience here.

The government comes in, they make a plan on how to fully educate the children regarding sexuality because of the problems that this generation is facing today which is by the way the result of the failure of the parents and the church to teach the children regarding sexuality. I don’t see anything wrong with it.  The Church and the Parents of a student can always oversee what the teachers will be teaching to the students and the Department of Education have already opened up their curriculum for naysayers to see before they started to implement it.

With all the debates happening, I’m beginning to feel that this sex education thing will not only educate the young people about the things that they NEED to know, but they’re also covering up for all the shortcomings of the parents and the church in terms of giving the child the proper moral values, it’s sad and I know most people would not agree with me but it’s reality.

I guess one reason why people are so worried about how a child will think after a sensitive topic has just been discussed is because they haven’t fed the right information to the child. If they are so damn confident that they have raised the child well and well informed, then they wouldn’t have a problem with how a child would deal after a sensitive topic has been discussed.

The problem is, if the parents are so afraid to touch the topic regarding sexuality, and the church would want nothing to do with it, and they won’t let the government do something about it then who will educate the child about certain things that he NEEDS to know? When is he going to realize that what he was doing was wrong all along? When he’s already 19 years of age and has 2 kids already? When he’s 21 and is already suffering from STD? That’s the time where in we’re going to take actions?

The bottomline here is this, if we truly want to educate the children regarding this topic then we all have to work together.  The Church and the Parents would have to steer the child into the right way and the school takes over the scientific part of it. It’s that easy. Why can’t we all be friends anyway?

Be not afraid people, for if you believe that you have taught your child well regarding the things that he need to know then you need not to worry. Remember, it’s not about the SEX.. it’s about the EDUCATION.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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Some thoughts on the proclamation and the new administration

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First up congratulations to the now official President and Vice President elect Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay. As of the moment, they are already being proclaimed as the newly elected leaders of the republic.

Now, during the elections I didn’t support them but right now, it’s a must. A call for unity is a must need in order for this country to step forward. The majority of the Filipinos have voiced out their opinion and the best thing we can do right now is to support the choice of the 14 million Filipinos which opted to vote for Mr Aquino and Mr Binay.

The crowd in the hall are very very happy, hopefully through out the 6 years of their work as two of the highest public officials in the republic, more people will be.

For some reason, the skeptic in me is nowhere to be found. I am filled with optimism, this, despite being one of the many people who were totally against Noy’s campaign during the period. I still stand for what I’ve said back then, but I am hoping he proves me wrong… for the sake of the name of his parents and for the betterment of the republic.

This entry will be pretty short but here’s a thought.. don’t you think the term NOYBI is getting a little old? Since we’re entering a new generation.. can’t we just call them JEJENOY? What do you guys think?

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June 9, 2010 at 4:08 PM

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