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Straight out of Wanbol: The Sotto Saga Continues

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In a surprising turn of events, almost two weeks after the Kennedys have called out the honourable, the valiant and a man of integrity named Vicente Sotto III for allegedly copying the work of the late Robert Kennedy, Tito Sotto, being a stand up guy that he is finally took the time to respond to the Kennedys and his critics. In a statement made by Sotto he said..

“Copying, imitation, is the highest form of flattery. If it upsets the Kennedy family, then I am sorry, but then that’s not my intention.”

There there. The ever outspoken Tito Sotto finally standing up for what he did. While this may be a far cry from his previous outbursts of stupidity with statements like “blogger lang yan,” and “tagalog na yan ah, baka sabihin niyo plagiarism pa rin yan” this doesn’t excuse him from being a sorry ass excuse for a politician that he is. Now that I got my sarcasm out of the way, allow me to retort.

Uncle, first up, copying and imitation are two different things. There’s a reason why great satirists such as Charlie Chaplin, Weird Al Yankovic and Stephen Colbert, to name a few are being heralded for their work. If we are going to go local, you have people like Michael V, Willie Nepomuceno and even Jose Manalo who have made the masses laugh their asses off with their satire, imitation and impersonation.

See the common denominator between the guys I’ve mentioned above? These guys are some of the best comedians, the best in their craft. All for entertainment, used for comic purposes, not direct. There’s a difference between Willie Nep imitating Erap or FPJ with him copying lines of other comedians. And that’s where the problem here arises.

Assuming that there isn’t really a fine line between copying and imitating, the fact that Tito brought his comic ways in one of the highest institutions in the Philippines, the Senate, is also inexcusable in itself. Saying, or blatantly admitting that he has copied the Kennedy speech directly by trying to tone it down with the highest form of flattery bullshit doesn’t clear his image from the fucked up politician visual that the masses, the thinking ones, view him now. This alone proves that Tito’s form of judgment is better off when he’s giving away scores for random singers in the opening segment of the longest running noontime show in television, my favorite (no sarcasm here), Eat Bulaga! Achecheche!

This isn’t even an issue of the RH Bill anymore. I don’t care if you support or if you are against the bill, if you condone Tito Sotto’s action just because you’re on the same side on the RH issue, then frankly you are one of the all singing, all dancing crap of the earth. (Durden, 1999) And by the way Tito, that’s how you cite people. It’s not that hard, is it?

Bottom line is, this is what we get for continuing to support people like Tito Sotto and the others during elections. This is what we get. The highest form of incompetence. The highest form of arrogance. This is what we get for getting a comedian out of Wanbol University to make the laws for us.

Granted that copying is the highest form of flattery, as what Tito said in his privilege speech, allow me to say that Tito Sotto is the highest form of stupidity.


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November 13, 2012 at 5:57 PM

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Marching to the drum beats of conformity

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It’s one of those familiar cases. You enter a specific institution, with a specific set of beliefs and a specific set of mores and values. They fill you up with lessons, talks and even seminars about how these factors are beneficial not only to you but to the entire society as well. Sooner or later, you find yourself agreeing to the given norms. Following the same trend, walking with a blindfold, being led and pushed by a string of men, walking to the beat of the drum.. bang bang boom, bang bang boom, bang bang boom.

Sooner or later, you realize that you’re defending a lost case, a lost argument, bordering illogical and pretentious claims. It’s too late to go back now, it’s too late.

Walking without principle, into shallow grounds with a blindfold in your eyes and without any chance from escaping the so-called mass mind rape that the great Zack dela Rocha talked about.

It’s quite a sad case isn’t it?

This is the problem with the society and the educational system of the Philippines right now. You’re being trained to a certain ideological system, a certain belief which is not bad at all to be honest, given that it is of course the institution’s right to instill their system to their students, but the sad thing is, they’re almost expecting you to follow and believe everything what they’ll be saying or giving out to you.

It must not go that way and it should not go that way.

For example, some teachers in various catholic institutions are actually giving out “free grades” for an exchange of liking a certain fan page in the social networking site Facebook. Of course, the naive student who wouldn’t want to work for that extra grade would conform and believe necessarily what the teacher or the institution wants him to believe.

With that being said, the mind of the student is already conditioned to two things:

A) He can actually get a better grade or a better upbringing in classes because of  that fact that he decided to go along with what his superiors wants him to believe. This instills the mentality of conformity, a social cancer that has been eating up this society alive ever since day one.

B) It closes his mind to explore on new things. It closes his mind in deciding for himself, which could eventually lead to apatheism or the “We-just-don’t-care-about-what-happens” attitude.

The fact of the matter is that one should never force a student to like a certain ideology in exchange for a “better” grade. On the offset, a principled student SHOULD and WOULD never do anything that will be contradictory to his or her beliefs for one stupid point or so.

You want to know why our society is such on a downward spiral? This type of student-professor relationship. This type of mentality from institutions, especially from the educational ones that these students, who are looking for GUIDANCE, I repeat GUIDANCE and GUIDANCE only, are necessarily obliged to follow through what the institution believes as the objective truth, except the only problem is, it’s not actually “that objective” and there are other options that a student can choose from, that is the option that most institutions are trying to eliminate because if they can’t, what they believe to be the “objective truth” won’t really be that objective it, will it?

While yes we should understand that it is the job of a certain institution, especially the schools,to instill their certain beliefs and values in a student, they should never forget that they are called as an academic institution. An academic institution which should allow the minds of its students to grow, decide independently without the influence of outside forces, they must let the students decide if the suggested norms and mores is acceptable independently, without being forced, without being threatened and without being prejudged.

However, what’s happening is that in most cases, this idea is already being curbed by the forces of the institution itself to preserve and to protect the blanket consciousness, the umbrella belief of the said institution.

It is sad. It is sad that these so called academic institutions which are designed to bring forth consciousness among its stakeholders are the ones curbing the idea of open minded consciousness.  But at the end of the day, a principled student should and would never give in to the pressure that is being presented by the institution.

At the end of the day, it’s you who get to decide. Will you go against the currents and allow your mind to think for yourself regardless of the pressure being put to you? Or are you just going to march to the drumbeats of conformity? You decide.

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May 20, 2011 at 1:09 AM

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Fallacies and Solutions to Immorality

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Whenever an RH Bill supporter and a detractor comes to an argument about whether the bill should be passed or not, the argument will always come down to the issue of morality.  Most RH Bill naysayers would argue that once this bill would be enacted, immorality will ensue. That’s what the church has been claiming, whether it will result to pre-marital sex or sex outside marriage or just a down right plain argument that you’re breaking the Lord’s  will if you pass it, you will always be labeled pro-immorality if you’re for the bill.

If we’re going to look at it, the proper question should be, will this bill really destroy morality?

If you say yes, the follow up question would be, have you checked your logic notes lately?

Because by saying that immorality will ensue once this bill would be enacted, it would result to a fallacy called slippery slope. The slippery slope fallacy happens when a person (Or a group in this case) asserts that a major event will INEVITABLY follow a certain event, and unless one finds the middle ground of the said issue, then the argument will be deemed as a fallacy.

Now let’s look at the middle ground.

Now philosophically speaking, the middle ground is usually the connector or the line between point A and point C, in this case RH Bill and Immorality. Now the question here is, does point A really lead to point C? And where can we find point B?

Enter point B, condoms are instruments of immorality.

Now that we have the connecting point from A (RH Bill) to C (Immorality) which is point b (Condoms are instruments of immorality) can we truly say that the point B is absolutely the reason why point C will happen? Or are they only CORRELATED and that point C can ALWAYS be there without point A and point B? Unfortunately, if you would observe the things that are happening right now, the massive growth of pre-marital pregnancies and the number of unwanted pregnancies, you will see that POINT C has always been there, even without the first 2 points. And that’s something that they aren’t getting. It has always been there.

Alright fine,  let’s give it to them. Condoms could really push one to commit pre-marital sex because, yeah, it really takes away the pressure of getting a lady impregnated. I mean, if I have a plastic on my penis and it can almost assure me of getting away with the deed, then why the hell won’t I do it?

But let’s not sway away at the topic, let’s go back to the point, will it only be the cause of immorality? How about, fuck no?

If they really want to stop immorality then they’ve got to take away other factors that is pushing thoughts of immorality to young children.

Let’s start in Local Television. Eat Bulaga and Willie Revillame’s shows must not include women dancing with their skimpy shorts, because it will stimulate the mind of the young kids sexually. Second, ladies in primetime shows must wear long skirts, atleast knee high, and must not show any skin up top. A jacket will do.  Sexy commercials should be banned, and we should have an hourly PSA from the CBCP, the best freaking source of morality on the planet.  And oh, the Angelus, the 3 oclock prayer shows should be given a one hour special daily.

In news shows, pretty newscasters shouldn’t be allowed on screen, the only anchor that should be allowed to broadcast news to the people is Susan Enriquez! Kay Susan Tayo!!

In print, radio and advertising, they should take away Angel Locsin’s gigantic boob-tastic billboards and change it to Santino, sporting a swimsuit two piece, something the priests would surely love.  No thought provoking ads should be allowed, only Jesus Saves and Have You Talked to God Lately messages. They should lock down all newspaper publishing houses and monitor it 24/7 to make sure that no thought provoking article or ads would show, all the articles must be checked 24/7, who the fuck cares about freedom to inform and freedom of speech? It’s God’s will!

In films, it should be mandatory for Cable TV film channels to show atleast one of these films per day, the Passion of the Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar (The musical ultimate encore) The Gospel According to St. Matthew and for Cinema One, Matt Ranilo’s Cristo.

In the new media, they should lockdown the internet. Facebook should never be allowed for the only book that must be read is the bible. Everyone should change their homepages to vatican.va to check if the holy fuhrer Pope Benedict XVI has something to say.

There. There’s a moral world for you. And oh, welcome back to 1521 everyone, put a shotgun to my mouth while you’re at it.

All I’m saying is, if they want their argument to be truly correct and they’re really for a moral world then they should do all the little things that I’ve said above. After all, morality really is a big issue to them isn’t it?  But until then, maybe they should look for other arguments that would make me atleast uhm, think when I’m coming up with a rebuttal. 🙂

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April 4, 2011 at 12:51 AM

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You guys should thank Willie R for my return

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Ahh it feels good. Yes it does. To be back to a place wherein I’m really comfortable. It’s been what? 7 months? 7 months since I last wrote something for this blog, and it was one cheesy birthday entry which I wrote.

Well here’s good news people, I’m back.

Issues have passed and I regret missing writing something about it. Lacson went into exile then came back, Japan almost got erased,  Hubert Webb got released after 15 years, Libya and Bahrain are self-destructing, Ligot and his wife are invoking their rights against self-incrimination, Willie Revillame’s growing douchebaggery and so on. It would’ve been fun writing about those issues and believe me when I say I’m not gonna run out of words and ideas when I write about them.  But yeah, I’ve let them pass.

Rest assured, excpect FTI to be very active again. So let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?


It’s been a hot issue, especially on the internets, on how Willie treated a 6 year old kid named Janjan on his show Willing Willie. Granted, they needed money and the aunt who was there gave her consent to TV5 to air his nephew dancing in a very malicious manner, that is not in question. But the thing is, Willie Revillame’s comment right after were downright tasteless and unprofessional, but then again, what can you expect from a guy with his character and brains?

His comments “Ganyan na ho kahirap ang buhay ngayon, kahit umiiyak nagsasayaw, parang sa Burlesk Queen” were much like Willie’s attitude, it’s downright shitty. And to let the poor kid dance, on live TV in a stage alone with the spotlight on him? It’s down right disgusting.

Granted, it was for the money, 10k is pretty hard to find. But this is where the term exploitation comes in.

Willie EXPLOITED the child. Willie and his crew exploited the fact that the family of the poor child needed the money and what can the child do? Disobey his irresponsible parents who actually didn’t care on the welfare of their children? Then what will happen to him when he goes home? It’s an issue of exploitation and borderline abuse and no kid deserves to look that way in front of thousands of people.

It’s pretty much like prostitution, minus the insertion. Willie has the resources, his show needs entertainment. The kid needs money, he can entertain. Such a perfect situation for child exploitation, and Willie and his crew jumped on it.

We learned two things from what happened in Willing Willy, the first one?Money talks. No matter how bad the kid looks in that screen, for as long as they need money and Willie and the crew has it, they will never complain. Second, that Willie Revillame is a classless, tasteless, dirty little stain in mankind’s underpants. But hey, we already knew that right?

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March 29, 2011 at 10:36 PM

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Blame Game

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A day after 8 innocent Hong Kong nationals got laid out flat because of the mishandling of the hostage crisis by the police and the media alike, we’re still playing the blame game. And when things are this bad I guess there’s nothing wrong with it, especially if your President is doing it too..

As he was reading the contents of the letter, while talking to an unknown individual on the phone, he became increasingly agitated.

The presence of his brother also added to the tension…

The thing is, while I’ve isolated my fair share of criticism towards our National Police last night, I think it would just be fair to share some of those to the media too.

As a guy in the field of communications, I understand that it’s the job of the media to deliver to the Filipino people what is happening as it is. They have their freedom and it is their rights  to put whatever they want to put in the television, especially if the news is as big as it is. However, when we’re talking about life and death and you have a desperate man with a loaded gun, you have to put things into consideration.

Take this for example, the 1980 Iranian Embassy Crisis in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has one of the most liberated press in the whole world. But, during that time where in lives were at stake, they managed to control and limit the access of the media, they even managed to convince the news stations to put a taped news on air, not the live ones.

Now, you’re not going to show to a hostage-taker what’s happening outside, let alone show him the arrest that you’re doing to his brother. While it’s the media’s rights and duty to show everything to their viewers, they have to think whether showing this to a guy who could basically watch you through the screen of the bus would help the negotiations or not. Yesterday it didn’t. And it could very well be one of the major reasons why 8 innocent people are dead right now.

Everyone knows that I’m against censorship and regulation when it comes to the media. But as I’ve said, when there’s a real thin line separating life and death, you have to change stances.

Media, during times like that, should be regulated. But don’t expect them to censor themselves out. Where’s the interference of the government when you need it? Where are the people which are supposed to draw the line between informing the people and helping the actual hostage-taker? That’s a line that needs to be distinguished. That’s where the government comes in. And they failed in doing that.

I don’t know what to say about our government. Really. I think they’ve failed as much as the police and the media. Where’s the DILG secretary Jesse Robredo when you need him? He didn’t even release a single word last night. How about Mr.Noy? Who instead of focusing on how to revamp the incompetent organization called the Philippine National Police decided to blame the hostage taker’s brother. It’s frustrating and disgusting at the same fucking time.

Someone needs to be sacked. I mean, if they could sack Prisco Nilo for failing to predict a typhoon coming, why can’t they fire the incompetent policemen for allowing 8 innocent Chinese people to die? Heck, fire PNP Chief Jesus Versoza at the same time too.

This is the cycle of mediocrity that I’ve been talking about for many months now. Now you know the result, and how bad it can be.  Now you know the effects of having sub-par people on sub-par organizations with sub-par system. And until someone takes a stand on this issue, something that our President isn’t doing right now, things won’t change.

My heart goes out to the families of the people which got killed last night because of our incompetent system. I hope the government will make everyone involved in the mishandling of the drama accountable for the fuck up that they did, the sadness that they brought to the Chinese people and the shame that they brought to this country.

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August 24, 2010 at 6:42 PM

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Eto ang Manila’s finest

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Ang pulis natin, parang si Jimmy Santos sa Eat Bulaga, walang kakwenta-kwenta.

Ang pulis natin, parang kalaban na detergent ng Tide. Ang lalaki, pero puro chalk ang laman.

Ang pulis natin, parang mickey mouse money nung panahon ng hapon, nandyan nga sila, pero walang value.

Eto ang pulis natin. Manila’s finest mga kaibigan, magpalakpakan po tayo.

Hindi naman po natin kailangan maging experto sa mga ganitong klaseng bagay upang makita na hindi talaga preparado ang mga tao na dapat nangangalaga sa kaligtasan at kapakanan ng mga sibilyan. Kung titignan natin, si Michael V nalang ang kulang kanina sa mga balita, Bitoy’s funniest video na ang palabas dahil sa kagaguhan at mga katangahan ng ating pulisya sa paghahandle ng hostage crisis kanina.

Nang dahil sa kahusayan ng ating mga pulisya, sikat na sikat na naman ang ating bansa. Kung championship belt ang sukatan sa tuwing lalabas ang bansang Pilipinas sa internasyonal media, ay malamang undisputed world champion tayo pag dating sa kakulangan ng seguridad para sa mga sibilyan at pagkabulok at pagkainutil ng sistema na dapat ay pumprotekta sa bawat mamayan dito sa bansa, pilipino man o hindi.

Kitang kita na hindi tayo handa, kitang kita na hindi nila alam ang gagawin nila kanina. Kitang kita na pag sinugod tayo ng mga masasamang elemento bukas, ay bubuhos ang dugo ng mga sibilyan dahil sa kakulangan ng kaalaman at kahandaan ng organisasyon na dapat pumprotekta satin.

Siguro kung tortyur ang labanan, malamang panalong panalo ang pulisya natin, pero hindi. Sorry. Labanan ng may mga utak to e.

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August 24, 2010 at 12:48 AM

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Kung ano ang nakikita mo sa Telebisyon, naririnig mo sa Radyo, nababasa mo sa dyaryo at sa kung ano ano pang programa na maaring makaimpluwensiya sa iyo, paniniwalaan mo ito ng walang bahid ng pagdududa, walang pagtatanong. Dahil sila ang tama, sila ang may hawak ng IMPORMASYON at wala ka nang magagawa kung hindi maniwala.

Kung ano ang sinasabi sa iyo ng iyong pari, ng iyong pastor, o kung sino man ang sinasamba mo, hindi ka maaring humindi, hindi ka maaring umayaw. Sapagkat sila ang representasyon ng iyong diyos dito sa lupa at hindi sila maaring magkamali. HINDI SILA MAARING MAGKAMALI. Dahil sa oras na sila ay magkamali sila parin ang tama, at kung ikaw naman ang tama ay ikaw parin ang mali. Dahil sila ang may hawak ng MORALIDAD, sila lamang ang nakakaalam kung ano’t TAMA at ano’t MALI . Kaya hindi ka maaring magtanong, at hindi ka maaring humindi.

Kung ano ang isunusubo sa iyo ng propesor mo, ng titser mo, ng decano mo at ng paaralan mo, wala ka nang ibang magagawa kung hindi sumunod, makinig at sumangayon na parang isang robot. Isang robot na de susi na tatakbo pag sinabing tumakbo at titigil pag sinabing tumigil. Dahil sila ang may hawak ng iyong EDUKASYON, at wala kang KARAPATAN KWESTYUNIN ang mga desisyon ng nakakataas sa iyo, dahil sa kanila, WALA KANG ALAM.

Kung sinasabi ng iyong pamahalaan na tutuloy tayo patungo sa DAANG MATUWID, maglalakad tayo sa daang matuwid kahit sa katunayan ay bako-bako naman ang iyong aapakan. Wala kang ibang magagawa kung hindi SUMANGAYON dahil wala kang KARAPATAN  MAGSALITA. Dahil nasa kanila ang KAPANGYARIHAN at ikaw ay isa lamang mumunting mamayan na kinakailangan sumunod sa mga alituntunin tungo sa BAKU-BAKONG TUWID NA DAAN.

Wala kang karapatan, hindi ka pwedeng sumangayon. Wala kang karapatan, hindi ka pwedeng magsalita..

Dahil ang nakakabuti sayo ay nakakasama sa kanila, ANG TAMA MO AY KABAWASAN SA KREDIBILIDAD NILA. Hindi ka maaring magsalita dahil wala kang pera, wala kang pangalan, wala kang posisyon, wala kang simbahan, walang mga uto-utong taong sumusunod sayo.

Wala kang boses,


wala kang kwenta.

Dahil sa panahon ngayon,

Bawal na magisip


Mali ka kung hindi ka naayon sa kanila


Wala nang kwenta ang katotohanan.

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August 19, 2010 at 3:02 PM

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