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Marching to the drum beats of conformity

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It’s one of those familiar cases. You enter a specific institution, with a specific set of beliefs and a specific set of mores and values. They fill you up with lessons, talks and even seminars about how these factors are beneficial not only to you but to the entire society as well. Sooner or later, you find yourself agreeing to the given norms. Following the same trend, walking with a blindfold, being led and pushed by a string of men, walking to the beat of the drum.. bang bang boom, bang bang boom, bang bang boom.

Sooner or later, you realize that you’re defending a lost case, a lost argument, bordering illogical and pretentious claims. It’s too late to go back now, it’s too late.

Walking without principle, into shallow grounds with a blindfold in your eyes and without any chance from escaping the so-called mass mind rape that the great Zack dela Rocha talked about.

It’s quite a sad case isn’t it?

This is the problem with the society and the educational system of the Philippines right now. You’re being trained to a certain ideological system, a certain belief which is not bad at all to be honest, given that it is of course the institution’s right to instill their system to their students, but the sad thing is, they’re almost expecting you to follow and believe everything what they’ll be saying or giving out to you.

It must not go that way and it should not go that way.

For example, some teachers in various catholic institutions are actually giving out “free grades” for an exchange of liking a certain fan page in the social networking site Facebook. Of course, the naive student who wouldn’t want to work for that extra grade would conform and believe necessarily what the teacher or the institution wants him to believe.

With that being said, the mind of the student is already conditioned to two things:

A) He can actually get a better grade or a better upbringing in classes because of  that fact that he decided to go along with what his superiors wants him to believe. This instills the mentality of conformity, a social cancer that has been eating up this society alive ever since day one.

B) It closes his mind to explore on new things. It closes his mind in deciding for himself, which could eventually lead to apatheism or the “We-just-don’t-care-about-what-happens” attitude.

The fact of the matter is that one should never force a student to like a certain ideology in exchange for a “better” grade. On the offset, a principled student SHOULD and WOULD never do anything that will be contradictory to his or her beliefs for one stupid point or so.

You want to know why our society is such on a downward spiral? This type of student-professor relationship. This type of mentality from institutions, especially from the educational ones that these students, who are looking for GUIDANCE, I repeat GUIDANCE and GUIDANCE only, are necessarily obliged to follow through what the institution believes as the objective truth, except the only problem is, it’s not actually “that objective” and there are other options that a student can choose from, that is the option that most institutions are trying to eliminate because if they can’t, what they believe to be the “objective truth” won’t really be that objective it, will it?

While yes we should understand that it is the job of a certain institution, especially the schools,to instill their certain beliefs and values in a student, they should never forget that they are called as an academic institution. An academic institution which should allow the minds of its students to grow, decide independently without the influence of outside forces, they must let the students decide if the suggested norms and mores is acceptable independently, without being forced, without being threatened and without being prejudged.

However, what’s happening is that in most cases, this idea is already being curbed by the forces of the institution itself to preserve and to protect the blanket consciousness, the umbrella belief of the said institution.

It is sad. It is sad that these so called academic institutions which are designed to bring forth consciousness among its stakeholders are the ones curbing the idea of open minded consciousness.  But at the end of the day, a principled student should and would never give in to the pressure that is being presented by the institution.

At the end of the day, it’s you who get to decide. Will you go against the currents and allow your mind to think for yourself regardless of the pressure being put to you? Or are you just going to march to the drumbeats of conformity? You decide.


Written by bassman500

May 20, 2011 at 1:09 AM

Posted in Social

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