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Fallacies and Solutions to Immorality

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Whenever an RH Bill supporter and a detractor comes to an argument about whether the bill should be passed or not, the argument will always come down to the issue of morality.  Most RH Bill naysayers would argue that once this bill would be enacted, immorality will ensue. That’s what the church has been claiming, whether it will result to pre-marital sex or sex outside marriage or just a down right plain argument that you’re breaking the Lord’s  will if you pass it, you will always be labeled pro-immorality if you’re for the bill.

If we’re going to look at it, the proper question should be, will this bill really destroy morality?

If you say yes, the follow up question would be, have you checked your logic notes lately?

Because by saying that immorality will ensue once this bill would be enacted, it would result to a fallacy called slippery slope. The slippery slope fallacy happens when a person (Or a group in this case) asserts that a major event will INEVITABLY follow a certain event, and unless one finds the middle ground of the said issue, then the argument will be deemed as a fallacy.

Now let’s look at the middle ground.

Now philosophically speaking, the middle ground is usually the connector or the line between point A and point C, in this case RH Bill and Immorality. Now the question here is, does point A really lead to point C? And where can we find point B?

Enter point B, condoms are instruments of immorality.

Now that we have the connecting point from A (RH Bill) to C (Immorality) which is point b (Condoms are instruments of immorality) can we truly say that the point B is absolutely the reason why point C will happen? Or are they only CORRELATED and that point C can ALWAYS be there without point A and point B? Unfortunately, if you would observe the things that are happening right now, the massive growth of pre-marital pregnancies and the number of unwanted pregnancies, you will see that POINT C has always been there, even without the first 2 points. And that’s something that they aren’t getting. It has always been there.

Alright fine,  let’s give it to them. Condoms could really push one to commit pre-marital sex because, yeah, it really takes away the pressure of getting a lady impregnated. I mean, if I have a plastic on my penis and it can almost assure me of getting away with the deed, then why the hell won’t I do it?

But let’s not sway away at the topic, let’s go back to the point, will it only be the cause of immorality? How about, fuck no?

If they really want to stop immorality then they’ve got to take away other factors that is pushing thoughts of immorality to young children.

Let’s start in Local Television. Eat Bulaga and Willie Revillame’s shows must not include women dancing with their skimpy shorts, because it will stimulate the mind of the young kids sexually. Second, ladies in primetime shows must wear long skirts, atleast knee high, and must not show any skin up top. A jacket will do.  Sexy commercials should be banned, and we should have an hourly PSA from the CBCP, the best freaking source of morality on the planet.  And oh, the Angelus, the 3 oclock prayer shows should be given a one hour special daily.

In news shows, pretty newscasters shouldn’t be allowed on screen, the only anchor that should be allowed to broadcast news to the people is Susan Enriquez! Kay Susan Tayo!!

In print, radio and advertising, they should take away Angel Locsin’s gigantic boob-tastic billboards and change it to Santino, sporting a swimsuit two piece, something the priests would surely love.  No thought provoking ads should be allowed, only Jesus Saves and Have You Talked to God Lately messages. They should lock down all newspaper publishing houses and monitor it 24/7 to make sure that no thought provoking article or ads would show, all the articles must be checked 24/7, who the fuck cares about freedom to inform and freedom of speech? It’s God’s will!

In films, it should be mandatory for Cable TV film channels to show atleast one of these films per day, the Passion of the Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar (The musical ultimate encore) The Gospel According to St. Matthew and for Cinema One, Matt Ranilo’s Cristo.

In the new media, they should lockdown the internet. Facebook should never be allowed for the only book that must be read is the bible. Everyone should change their homepages to vatican.va to check if the holy fuhrer Pope Benedict XVI has something to say.

There. There’s a moral world for you. And oh, welcome back to 1521 everyone, put a shotgun to my mouth while you’re at it.

All I’m saying is, if they want their argument to be truly correct and they’re really for a moral world then they should do all the little things that I’ve said above. After all, morality really is a big issue to them isn’t it?  But until then, maybe they should look for other arguments that would make me atleast uhm, think when I’m coming up with a rebuttal. 🙂


Written by bassman500

April 4, 2011 at 12:51 AM

Posted in Political, Social

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