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You guys should thank Willie R for my return

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Ahh it feels good. Yes it does. To be back to a place wherein I’m really comfortable. It’s been what? 7 months? 7 months since I last wrote something for this blog, and it was one cheesy birthday entry which I wrote.

Well here’s good news people, I’m back.

Issues have passed and I regret missing writing something about it. Lacson went into exile then came back, Japan almost got erased,  Hubert Webb got released after 15 years, Libya and Bahrain are self-destructing, Ligot and his wife are invoking their rights against self-incrimination, Willie Revillame’s growing douchebaggery and so on. It would’ve been fun writing about those issues and believe me when I say I’m not gonna run out of words and ideas when I write about them.  But yeah, I’ve let them pass.

Rest assured, excpect FTI to be very active again. So let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?


It’s been a hot issue, especially on the internets, on how Willie treated a 6 year old kid named Janjan on his show Willing Willie. Granted, they needed money and the aunt who was there gave her consent to TV5 to air his nephew dancing in a very malicious manner, that is not in question. But the thing is, Willie Revillame’s comment right after were downright tasteless and unprofessional, but then again, what can you expect from a guy with his character and brains?

His comments “Ganyan na ho kahirap ang buhay ngayon, kahit umiiyak nagsasayaw, parang sa Burlesk Queen” were much like Willie’s attitude, it’s downright shitty. And to let the poor kid dance, on live TV in a stage alone with the spotlight on him? It’s down right disgusting.

Granted, it was for the money, 10k is pretty hard to find. But this is where the term exploitation comes in.

Willie EXPLOITED the child. Willie and his crew exploited the fact that the family of the poor child needed the money and what can the child do? Disobey his irresponsible parents who actually didn’t care on the welfare of their children? Then what will happen to him when he goes home? It’s an issue of exploitation and borderline abuse and no kid deserves to look that way in front of thousands of people.

It’s pretty much like prostitution, minus the insertion. Willie has the resources, his show needs entertainment. The kid needs money, he can entertain. Such a perfect situation for child exploitation, and Willie and his crew jumped on it.

We learned two things from what happened in Willing Willy, the first one?Money talks. No matter how bad the kid looks in that screen, for as long as they need money and Willie and the crew has it, they will never complain. Second, that Willie Revillame is a classless, tasteless, dirty little stain in mankind’s underpants. But hey, we already knew that right?


Written by bassman500

March 29, 2011 at 10:36 PM

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  1. oi you’re awake!



    March 30, 2011 at 3:21 PM

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