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The Answer to Our Rotting Film Industry?

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Our film industry today is full of shit. That is not an opinion ladies and gentlemen. That is a fact.  That is the truth, that is what people in the film industry wouldn’t admit today. But it’s the truth and I don’t need to be the world’s best film critic to recognize it.

We try to hide it, we try to masquerade it and tell the people that it’s piracy. Piracy piracy piracy. The film makers’ number one enemy. And yes, to an extent it’s correct, piracy is a major factor on why our film industry isn’t really generating lots of revenues. But it’s only one factor. How about..

.. Incompetence. What the hell are we doing? Don’t give me the budget excuse because I’ve seen foreign films without special effects which made waves in the international film industry. We keep on trying to imitate those Hollywood films.. super hero this, super hero that. Can’t we do something original anymore? Are we always dependent to those things that we see in Hollywood?

And our screenwriters, what the fuck are you guys thinking? If you’re not copying something out of those Hollywood films, you’re writing a film which revolves around the word cliche. I don’t even remember the last time I watched a film with a good script.

Another thing, fuck the fucking MTRCB and fuck censorship. I am sick and tired of watered down scripts and films. I am sick and tired of watching films full of cuts and sorts because it takes away the essence of the film itself. The only way we can appreciate something beautiful is by showing the negative side of the spectrum.  The only way we can truly appreciate a work of art is by looking through the flaws of society and by exposing the very nature of the norm that we follow everyday.  And like a bullet it will go through the empty skulls of the zombie viewers and hopefully it will inject some sense it. That’s the way it has always been and that’s the way it should be right now.

To quote the greatest Filipino director which ever lived..

To the best of our abilities, and even if we often times fail, we must produce films that will hurt, films that will disturb, films that will not let you rest. For the times are bad and, given times like these, it is a crime to rest.

And that’s the crime that the Film Industry have been committing for many years now. And that’s the crime that I hope would not continue on to the next few years. We need a change in the system, for if we continue on with this cycle of mediocrity, the film industry here in the Philippines  will soon be forgotten.

Here’s a film called Orapronobis, one of Lino Brocka’s best works and definitely my favorite Filipino film of all time. Film makers today, eat your hearts out.

Credits to kindhearted189 for the video.


Written by bassman500

August 8, 2010 at 3:05 AM

2 Responses

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  1. i totally agree. though i don’t think i can match your film goer’s angst, i do think there’s a dearth of good movies. in a way, you can blame the socio-economics of the industry. crap sells! ’nuff said. not to many people want to think very hard when going to the movies


    August 8, 2010 at 9:23 PM

  2. i believe that quality films can be made with or without censorship. brocka and bernal had a wonderful backdraft to strike a concept and that’s the country’s stability.

    the reason why commercial films boom is because they center on a wide range of demographics. if you want intelligent movies then you should check out indie flicks but even these flicks tither on gayness and yes… centering around poverty. poverty and film can make a delightful pair but in terms of uplifting the minds of people, it wouldn’t do much. sm will not preview films that has raunchy scenes and they need to pass with a collective and this is one of the factors why some production outfits are getting discouraged.

    this is why the MMFF films center around the things pinoys love – which are feel-good flicks with no worries. kimmy dora was a breakthrough because even if it is slapstick, they delivered it beautifully that managed to win crowds in cinemas.

    but you know what, the film industry is dying but you overlooked the most important reason why it’s near dead.

    have you been to the big malls? most of their movies are foreign! when movies were booming in the 90’s, there was a government agency that restricts the limit of foreign movies!if you have six out of seven cinemas offering foreign flicks… no wonder the film industry is dead!

    in france, they are pulling all stops to lessen US movies because just like us, they too are getting too many american movies.

    maybe during the US summer rush were movies are abundant, we can go all-US. but the government should enforce to have at least a guaranteed 50 percent of pinoy movies in malls, plus the entertainment tax to be dropped so they can do projects without budget constraints.

    say what you want from the marcoses, imelda in particular loved pinoy cinema with a passion.

    this perhaps could entice producers to return to film.


    August 9, 2010 at 2:21 PM

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