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While spending my weekend doing the most productive things, like watching some of the greatest films in history for 2 straight days in my room, I was able to come up with this set of words right here..

Irony: When it’s been raining like fuck over the past few days and you’re still screaming for water.

That quote stuck to me really, it’s like you know, getting butt-raped for the past few days but you still crave for more. Like getting kicked, punched and spat on continuously but you’re still not satisfied. It’s the ultimate quote of sadists. It’s sad mainly because for the past few days about 20 people have died already due to heavy rains and strong winds, but people, specifically from our place including me,  still craves for more water. Want to know why? There haven’t been one single drop of water from our faucet for about 4 days now.

Now we know how it feels like to be deprived of a natural necessity. It’s crazy, it’s hard I tell you. For something that we’ve been taking for granted since about the time of Moses’ great grandfather’s grandfather, now we know how it feels like to struggle for something that we need everyday to survive. Now I fucking smell like fish and I still don’t know how I’m going to school later.

Well I’m kidding about the fish part, but believe me it’s hard. It’s about the hardest thing a man can ever experience not named watching David Hasselhoff half-naked in Baywatch. Losing electricity is one thing, but losing water supply for a day, let alone four straight days, is on a different level.

One thing why I’m complaining is that for some weird reason, our place is the only particular place in our district which seems to be suffering from this problem. Sure, there are water supply interruptions in other places, as it should be since the Angat Dam seems to be on life support now, but to lose water supply for 4 consecutive days while watching others waste away their supply seems a bit too much. It makes you want to do terrible things, terrible terrible things.

But who’s to blame? Really, who? Whose fault is it? No one. And that’s the scary part of it. It’s sad to say that the Angat Dam, the main dam which supplies more than half of the homes in the NCR is pretty much.. damned. The damage that we took from the lack of rains during the El Nino season is now taking it’s toll, the main source of water in the metro is already below critical level and that’s why we (Atleast here around our neighborhood) is suffering bad for it.

You know what’s the good news? It can actually go up, all we need is 4 good Typhoons and we’re back to normal. The bad news? Those 4 typhoons, well, could claim lives. It’s like a bitter joke really, it’s like saying I’ll be giving you my shoes if you’d cut off your feet. It’s sad to know that the consequences of getting a better supply of life’s biggest necessity would come off of the lives of the others.

But what the heck, there’s only one thing we can do about it now.. and that is to call for help, to call for someone,  to call…


Have a good week ahead everyone.


Written by bassman500

July 19, 2010 at 2:24 AM

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