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Dugo sa Kanin

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May dugo sa kanin may dugo sa kanin
May sumbrerong lumilipad sa hangin
Umabot sa dahas may baril na pumutok
Mga magsasakang matagal nang lugmok

Nang dahil sa palay nang dahil sa palay
Mangagawang gutom nawalan ng buhay
Tinangay ng mga “diyos” na ayaw sa ingay
Ilang buhay pa ba ang kailangan ialay?

Pangakong napako pangakong pinako
Mga pagpatay na walang umaako
Pangakong demokrasya nauwi sa disgrasya
Pangakong demokrasya, nasaan na nga ba?

May dugo sa kanin may dugo ang kanin
Mga tanong na tinatanong ko sa akin
Paano maisusubo paano sisikmurain?
Kung nalaman mo na may dugo ang kanin?


Written by bassman500

July 13, 2010 at 9:59 PM

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  1. Whew! Ur thoughts were solid and heart-stopping real. I don’t know how to encapsulate my thoughts after reading this; it’s a mixture of anger, defiance, and guilt that in one way, I’ve been part of the system. System that allowed the tyrant to continue his tyranny, my silence is solid evidence. Of course, I knew the existence of such, but I was eaten by the entire existing vertigo. Should I fight; I would have started from my self- the means of what I can readily change.
    Dahil sa dugo sa kanin na inihayag mo, hindi na aku kkain ng kanin ani sa Pilipinas, imported na lang, atleast yun, walang dugo ang kanin.
    My buying of imported rice is a silent protest. Retaliation too discreet, without fanfare.
    A way of letting the tyrant’s know that in my simple way, I am doing what my conscience demands. Enough of oppression. Enough of tyranny. Enough is enough.
    But, mind you, in a macro scale, when people would not continue to patronize ill-gotten products of the tyrants, it would create grave economic losses from them and eventually be the result of their downfall. Their downfall spells out triumph of the lowly peasants against the tyrant.
    The problem with much us is our failure to unite. Of not taking initiative and the absence of confidence to fight for what we believe is right. By all means, we’re suffocated by the existing system and yet, we tend to enjoy it. In the same manner, dancing at the wrong beat of the falsetto music.
    The choice, as ever, is ours to make. Patronize the inequality of the system. Or do a little thing and start making a difference.
    God is watching us.


    July 14, 2010 at 3:36 PM

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