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On Sex Education: Why Can’t We All Be Friends?

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I can remember the days where in I was in Elementary, studying in Notre Dame of Greater Manila, a Catholic school somewhere in Monumento which is being spearheaded by OMI people. It was an all boys school back then, so you know how it works.

At one point, I saw some of my friends compiled in one isolated place with their eyes isolated on a piece of newspaper. Once I approached them, I found out that it was a newspaper named “Toro” it’s basically a tabloid  which is focused less on the “Information” side of things and more on the “action” side of it. To make it quick, it’s basically a softcore porn-ish type of tabloid which grew spurts in the early 00’s.

Being about 11 years old back then, I found a sense of excitement each and everytime we read things in there. It became an almost daily habit for us kids which continued for weeks. What happened next? Go figure.

I really don’t have to relay all the information here for you to get what I’m trying to say. Kids today are not naive. Kids may have already figured out about the birds and the bees at an earlier age than we were. With how quickly the information is sent at this era and how easily we have access to every kind of medium of entertainment today, it’s not far fetched that a little 9 year old kid may already be surfing the internet to watch porn. It’s sad I know, but we’re talking about reality here.

We’re living in an era where in the media basically controls everything. A little 8 year old kid can turn on the TV and find a half naked Angelica Panganiban flirting with his leading men on a Primetime television show in the country’s biggest network.  An 11 year old elementary student who’s on his way to school can see billboards of Angel Locsin, proudly flashing her “jugs” for a swimsuit company. Heck, a 10 year old kid can be freely playing in the park and see a couple doing some “bad romance” somewhere in the dark.

So what am I trying to point out here? We’re in an era now where in the influence of the social media to all those little kids is something that we cannot really control anymore. As much as the elders would love to, especially the parents, they have to admit that they can’t monitor their children 24/7 and they definitely cannot totally control what they see on the computer, what they hear on the radio, what they watch on the TV and what they’ll hear from their friends. If we would really love to save the morality of the children today and eventually stop them from doing sex out of marriage, then we’re going to need all the help we can get.

To quote ang Kapatiran head honcho Eric Manalang

“Sex education in schools is not the answer. It promotes promiscuity among children… it does not promote the proper values that we want our children to receive in schools and we believe sex education should strictly remain a family affair.”

Now to break down what Mr Manalang said..

1) “Promotes promiscuity among children”

If you read what I’ve said above then you may have already a clue on what I’m going to be saying here. We’ve come to a point where in the influence of the Mass Media on how a child thinks is something beyond the control of the parents and the church. I’m not going to give out all the examples that I’ve said above because it’s going to be redundant but you’ll get the point. To say the least, all of the things that will be TAUGHT on the children in their respective classrooms may deem “soft” compared to what the students may have already heard or watched thanks again to the influence of the media.

2) “it does not promote the proper values that we want our children to receive in schools”

By about age 12 I already had a clue on what a reproductive system is, how a sperm cell travels from the man thing up to the woman thing until the sperm meets with the egg and forms a new baby. If you’ve read about the planned curriculum of the DepEd regarding Sex Education it basically revolves around that teaching with a little bit of info on how we can stop Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the Risk of Unwanted Pregnancies and Sexual Abstinence. I don’t know how talking about that thing can harm one student’s mind.. considering how all the things around them basically suggests something worst.

3) “we believe sex education should strictly remain a family affair”

The problem is, the topic regarding sexuality is often being ducked during family discussions. We’re born in a culture were in talking about sex is almost “illegal” in family matters. Heck, up to now, I can’t remember one moment where in I talked to my parents about sex. Here’s a question to all naysayers, have you ever talked about sex in front of your parents? I bet we all have the same answers.

Another problem with this is, what if the information that most parents will be having is limited? How will you fully educate a child about certain things when you for yourself doesn’t have one fucking clue of what you’re talking about? This is why we need the help of the professionals.

To cut it short, I really don’t see what the problem is regarding the implementation of Sex Education courses in the schools. With how I look at it, if we really want to save the morality of this generation.. we all have to work together, the Government, the Parents and the Church.

The job of the parents and the church is to uplift the morality of the children today, and as much as I would hate to say it, they’ve failed in that part more times than not and I’m talking through experience here.

The government comes in, they make a plan on how to fully educate the children regarding sexuality because of the problems that this generation is facing today which is by the way the result of the failure of the parents and the church to teach the children regarding sexuality. I don’t see anything wrong with it.  The Church and the Parents of a student can always oversee what the teachers will be teaching to the students and the Department of Education have already opened up their curriculum for naysayers to see before they started to implement it.

With all the debates happening, I’m beginning to feel that this sex education thing will not only educate the young people about the things that they NEED to know, but they’re also covering up for all the shortcomings of the parents and the church in terms of giving the child the proper moral values, it’s sad and I know most people would not agree with me but it’s reality.

I guess one reason why people are so worried about how a child will think after a sensitive topic has just been discussed is because they haven’t fed the right information to the child. If they are so damn confident that they have raised the child well and well informed, then they wouldn’t have a problem with how a child would deal after a sensitive topic has been discussed.

The problem is, if the parents are so afraid to touch the topic regarding sexuality, and the church would want nothing to do with it, and they won’t let the government do something about it then who will educate the child about certain things that he NEEDS to know? When is he going to realize that what he was doing was wrong all along? When he’s already 19 years of age and has 2 kids already? When he’s 21 and is already suffering from STD? That’s the time where in we’re going to take actions?

The bottomline here is this, if we truly want to educate the children regarding this topic then we all have to work together.  The Church and the Parents would have to steer the child into the right way and the school takes over the scientific part of it. It’s that easy. Why can’t we all be friends anyway?

Be not afraid people, for if you believe that you have taught your child well regarding the things that he need to know then you need not to worry. Remember, it’s not about the SEX.. it’s about the EDUCATION.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Written by bassman500

June 24, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Posted in Political, Social

9 Responses

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  1. Awesome insights and I totally agree with you. You should send this to the broadsheets, maybe it’ll get published and be read by many. 🙂


    June 24, 2010 at 11:40 PM

    • Would you mind telling me how? Haha. I’m kind of a neophyte when it comes to sending stuff to broadsheets.

      Thanks btw.


      June 24, 2010 at 11:44 PM

  2. Actually, parang “Kamasutra” ata ang tingin ng Catholic church sa Sex ed. Conservatism is the number one obstacle. And the number one promoter of it is the Catholic Church.

    On the other hand, wala pa ang Enlightenment age dito sa Pilipinas dahil pilit na sinasarado ng simbahan ang kaisipan ng mga Pinoy.

    Kevin Reyes

    June 24, 2010 at 11:46 PM

  3. Great point of view! As a teacher and a mother, I’m just concerned of two things:
    •are the teachers assigned to teach this new subject (new curricula) good enough, dependable enough, intelligent enough to relay such?

    •How long has these assigned teachers been preparing for this new subject..taking into consideration again the “conservativeness” of the minds of these kids (and their parents)..

    I agree to this (new) sex education,but i guess it just came out drastically, taking into consideration also the readiness of everybody– the teacher teaching the subject, the parents, and the learners.


    June 25, 2010 at 7:59 AM

    • That’s why I reckoned that we should be all working together to make this new system work. The church, the parents and the school will have to play their respective roles in educating the kids about certain things. As I’ve said, they can always oversee how the school will be teaching the child on the topic but the most important thing is, for them to be able to put focus more on the kid with regards to topic on sexuality.. something that they have failed to do in the past.


      June 25, 2010 at 8:44 AM

  4. Though I agree with you, anghelito on the point that parents have generally neglected, if not downright ignored their parental role as sex educator, I still don’t think DepEd’s sex education is what it should be. please refer to my blog as well. i wrote a piece on this. true sex education should not be a biology lesson, it should be more than that. and as you’ve underlined, kids nowadays are exposed, nay, saturated in sex — from billboards, to tv to movies. we can’t treat kids as if they don’t know anything, because they do. but if we want to “save the morality” of kids as you say, sex should be introduced as more than just a physical function, it’s a social, emotional, spiritual, psychological function, heck, it’s even political! and this is what kids should start learning. so that in the end, hormones won’t always win but good sense.


    June 25, 2010 at 11:22 AM

  5. At our school, don bosco makati, during our elementary days, we were given a module called “education to love” delivered by a salesian priest. The whole module, following what the catholic church prescribes consists of the sacredness of sex, the role of the church and parents to the enlightenment of the youth regarding sex, the responsibilities of doing sex, etc.

    Let me share you some points we found debatable about the RH bill of Cong. Lagman: (Ang Layo sa topic ng sex educ no? :)…)

    -Issue of abortion
    1.There are 2 terms: the implantation of the fetus, and conception
    2. When medicines or interventions prevents the implantation of the fetus; that is abortion. If it prevents implantation, it is abortifacient.

    -Mandatory RH and Sexuality education (see Sec. 12)
    1. It would be unjust to penalize if one refuses to teach methods of family planning that is against his/her moral standards.

    -The distinction between natural and modern/scientific/artificial family planning methods. This is misleading because it gives the impression that the natural methods (calendar method and abstinence) are NOT MODERN and NOT SCIENTIFIC.

    -Free ligation (see sec. 5)

    -Employer’s responsibility (see Sec.17 and 21)

    -Freedom of Speech (Sec. 21)

    Sex education is damn debatable! Sex is sacred and not for fun. Sex is for procreation…not to fulfull your libido

    Rae Rae

    June 25, 2010 at 12:25 PM

  6. Excellent! With knowledge, children will be empowered to take responsibility. Everyone has the need to explore things, whether it’s sex or something else. Are we going to let the younger ones learn too late?

    C'est moi Robyn

    May 9, 2011 at 12:13 PM

  7. Very good insights christian…


    May 9, 2011 at 1:12 PM

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