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Come to think of it, do we really “deserve” better?

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Based on several studies and certain experiences, I guess it’s safe to say that the Filipinos are naturally one of the happiest people in the world. I mean, people here can have their house submerged into water and still you can catch them smiling and having fun as soon as the camera points towards them. However, alongside that “happiness” factor, it isn’t really hard to point out that we’re also one of the whiniest people in the world. We always complain and why the hell not? Who wouldn’t?

From the quality of our leaders to the crappy people behind them to a much more crappier commission manning the whole process of elections. I mean, who wouldn’t complain? But it doesn’t end there. You open the TV to pass time and all you have is a shitty show, ripped off from a Korean program which can’t even be given airtime in their own country . You turn on the TV, try to catch up with the current events and all you have on the news is fucking reporters reporting about “Jejemons” and how Nicole Schezwhateverthefuckhernameis won the Dancing with the Stars show, you wake up early to catch a Manny Pacquiao fight only to find out that you’d be spending more time watching Sharon Cuneta and Kris Aquino commercials.

I can go for more but I guess you now get my point. The quality of pretty much everything in this country is full of crap. And that’s one of the main reasons why we complain. Now I’m not here to complain about “complainers” because I have done several rants before about other things, but come to think of it, do we really deserve better?

As I’ve said, the quality of pretty much everything here is crappy but mainly because, the people behind them aren’t that much better really. And if you guys would look at it closely, you would see that everything is all apart of the cycle of mediocrity as I would like to call it. The TV stations can put up stupid Chinovelas, Koreanovelas, Iraqioperas or whatever because they can get away from it.  Most Journalists can get away from writing news that actually don’t matter because for some weird reason, that’s what most people want. And so it goes, as the quality of pretty much everything here in our country goes lower notch by notch as time goes by. Now do you think we deserve better? Think!

Unfortunately, as mediocrity continues to be a growing trend here in our country, we also become a little too sensitive about certain things. Because things have become so incredibly crappy and most of us are okay with it, heck some people even enjoy it, we shoot on people who looks down on us and criticize us. Take for example, our number 1 Senator Mr. Ramon “Bong” Bong Revilla (Yes, that’s his NEW surname) remember the time wherein he challenged Alec Baldwin to a fist fight over a joke that Baldwin made in the show of David Letterman? Do you actually see how stupid that thing is? For a Senator of a country to challenge a Hollywood actor to a fistfight over a joke that was made in a comedy show? Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you vote for a guy who actually used his screen name as his surname in the elections.

False pride. That’s what I call it. We take a stand on the things that doesn’t matter but we tend to forget about the bigger things that we should be talking about and I think it’s a fucking shame that most people here in our country thinks like that. And when people begins to laugh at us, and when people begins to make a joke out of us, we get so butthurt that even our Senators are threatening comedians just to cover up for it instead of using it as a wake up call and use the criticisms as a sort of a stepping stone to look for improvements.

But no, we’re fine like that. We’re okay with that. The cycle of mediocrity continues and we’re going to complain but at the end of the day if you would look at it, we’re acting like we’re okay with it. Now think, look back and now answer this. Do we, the Filipinos, really deserve better?


Written by bassman500

May 26, 2010 at 10:36 PM

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  1. Maybe the reason you find that there is a lot to complain about is because you make those trivial things relevant. As the saying goes “what you focus on expands”.

    I used to have this habit of comparing the Philippines to wherever country i’m in. Then I realized that these very quirks, our imperfections as a nation, adds color and defines us as Filipinos. Kasi iba parin talaga ang adobo sa hamburger at sa fish n chips. Kahit masebo, it is still the unique filipino flavour na hahanap hanapin.



    May 27, 2010 at 1:16 AM

  2. actually, i have no qualms with showbiz people in politics.

    revilla, sotto, and jinggoy had 25+ experience as public officials. the fpj route was more fast tracked compared to these guys.

    they are thrust in the spotlight than other senators because they are stars. stars know when to put their face in front of the camera. did anyone see a loi ejercito sighting during her stint?

    however i’m not that keen on lito lapid. i still remember his stint as pampanga governor. when the megadike collapsed, people saw a mixture of cement sealing a hollow wall filled with paper.

    now that sucks.


    May 28, 2010 at 7:01 PM

  3. i think yeah filipinos deserve better… we’ll i see that u’r only talking bout “a few”…. f u can only see those filipinos who really work hard just to give their family 3 or 2 meals a day..you’ll see.. =>
    and about the chinovelas> hmm…i don’t watch t.v that much..but i that’s the trend ngaun eh..=>


    May 28, 2010 at 7:40 PM

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