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A message to all my fellow volunteers

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It has been a rough ride to be honest with you guys.  We’ve all been busy for the past 8 days or so, sleeping for about 2-3 hours a day and feeling the pressure of having to be part of the first ever Philippine Automated Elections isn’t helping much either.

Yes, it’s been rough, yes it’s been hectic and a part of me is glad that it’s done but let me tell you this, if I would be given the chance to do it all over again, why the hell not? Because comes with the busy and hectic days are the people that I’ve come to work with, the people that I’ve shared the past week and a half with and the people that I’m looking forward to work with if the Lord gives me the opportunity to do so.

No matter how tough and demanding our work was, especially in the first three days or so, I guess it’s safe to say that we pulled ourselves through. Just the presence of each other, having fun while being bonded by one common cause kept us going. I don’t think I can speak on behalf of everybody, but having that positive connection kept me going and that is one thing that I’ve noticed while working with you guys.

So yeah, I would like to congratulate all of you days for a job well done. Like what Jiro said in his closing remarks last Wednesday.. Mission Accomplished. I wouldn’t have lasted 8 straight days of volunteer work if it wasn’t for you guys. The people around me, the people that I’ve worked with was the major reason why I’ve been able to shy away from my everyday life and work diligently with the PPCRV. So yeah, thanks a lot.

Good job people because you’ve actually cracked me open. I’m not an easy guy to work with, I don’t really like talking a lot and I don’t really go well with groups and teams that I don’t know. But you’ve managed to do it. For some reason, I was at ease and I felt very comfortable working with you. Congratulations, that’s quite an achievement. Teehee.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to the people of the PPCRV, especially to Ambassador Henrietta de Villa. Ma’am I don’t know if you would be able to read this but just in case that you do, I’d like to say that you’re one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with such a great organization.

To close this one out, I must say that in a way I felt sad that all of this had to end. But much like smoking a cigarette, when you light one up.. the flame’s got to end at one point. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the last one that you’ll be taking. Hopefully, this goes the same way for us. Our work with the PPCRV might have ended because it had to end at one point, but much like ciggys, I know that there would be another one coming along the way. Again, thank you guys for keeping me sane for 8 days and I hope that it won’t be the last time we’ll be with each other.

– Christian Angelo F. Jacinto


Written by bassman500

May 21, 2010 at 2:02 AM

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  1. same here, christian…it’s the first time i’ve ever worked in an event where people are so dedicated, never once na may nagyayabang or nag-argue about work. it went on so smoothly that the moment i wake up in the morning, the first thing that comes to mind is “may update na kaya”? and then i rush to get ready so i could get to the command center before lunch! i really wish we could all work together in a project again. until now, i’m in ppcrv mode!


    May 21, 2010 at 3:49 PM

  2. Oh we will ma’am, we’ll be working together again in the near future. Hehehe


    May 22, 2010 at 5:18 AM

  3. hahahahah 🙂 laughtrip tooooh! good hourly news 67 indeed 🙂 thankkkk you soooo much for everything!

    rosbelll i agree witih you! i still have post pius syndrome heheheh 🙂 hope to get to see you soooonest

    godbless u guys always 🙂


    May 23, 2010 at 10:43 PM

    • I think everytime I’ll be writing malalagyan ko na ng ganyang header. Hahahaha.


      May 23, 2010 at 10:54 PM

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