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An act of volunteerism a day keeps all the BS away.

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Having been active on several other volunteer works, I think I could speak up for other people who have been a part of or is still working as a volunteer.

I’ll tell you now, there’s no greater feeling than being a part of a group, all working, bonded by one cause, doing things for the benefit of others. It’s fun, it’s fulfilling and I believe that if more Filipinos become active on volunteerism, not necessarily as a day to day basis because we all need to eat, sooner or later we will see this country grow, little by little, step by step.

Right now, this will be my 8th straight day working for the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting as a volunteer for the media team. For 8 days, me and about a hundred more volunteers shied away from our normal everyday life and adjusted to sleeping for only about 2-4 hours a day just to make sure that the REAL voice of the Filipinos will be heard.

Earlier today, the PPCRV held it’s final press conference as we will be stopping operations later. Ambassador Henrietta de Villa, the National Chairman of the PPCRV, said something in the Press Conference that somewhat left a mark on me. She said..

We’ve had a new form of “People Power”  through volunteerism in this year’s elections. Unlike the original one where in we’re overthrowing a government, the main cause of this one is to overthrow electoral fraud and apathy.

Apathy. Something that needs to be checked and looked at. To quote Ambassador de Villa, it is something that needs to be overthrown. I believe that 0ne of the biggest problems here in our country is that most of the people doesn’t care. Most of the people are fine with the way the things are and wouldn’t care even if the Devil himself went up here on earth and struck down one whole fucking city. For as long as he/she is not affected, they’re fine with it.

For most of the Filipino people, that has been the problem. We just don’t care. If we’re not affected, we’re not going to move. This is a mentality that needs to be changed, this a mentality that needs to be stopped. For once, we just need to look back and think about other people. For once, maybe just once, we can do something that would benefit other people more than it will benefit us. And I believe that if we can make that happen, change will happen.

Let’s just take a look  at the past major disasters that came to our motherland and see one common denominator in all of it. Ondoy, Pepeng, Pinatubo Eruption and the Ormoc Landslide. What common denominator do they have aside from each being a one big freaking mess? The people who got affected, got straight back up not only because of the help of the government but because of the volunteers which worked their tails off. Think back, the volunteers back then could’ve just opted to stay at home and relax instead of  getting their feet dirty or putting their lives on the line but they didn’t.  They cared and they worked for the benefit of their countrymen. The end result? The rescue and the re-construction process became so much faster than it should be.

So what am I trying to point out? If we could eliminate the apathetic mentality that most people possess here in our country and we would begin to act and move for the sake of the betterment of this country, believe me when I say things will happen. As I’ve said it doesn’t even have to be on a day to day basis as that would just be absurd, but to know that one cares about our situation, one will make a move to improve the situation and that one will inspire one more and one more and one more people that cares for this country and that could be, one simple step towards the change that we’re all looking for.


Written by bassman500

May 19, 2010 at 5:18 PM

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