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Evil Empire.. State of Mind

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Now before you guys go kung-fu on my conspiracy-theorist post, I want you guys to read. This is all observation from the things that have occurred and have developed months after the circus called the Philippine Elections began. This could either end up as one of the biggest bullshit ever made in the web or this could all end up true and we could all be under an evil empire years after this post. Either way, hear me out.

Sometime last year, when our honest, honorable and respectable president, the great leader, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced that she were to run for a seat at the house of representatives in the second district of Pampanga, we all knew something is cooking. Come on, you don’t need to be a political analyst to figure that out. When you’re already stealing on the big leagues, you don’t go and step down and steal in the smaller pond.. that of course, is if you have bigger motives than “Stealing”

And since then, the term Prime Miniter Arroyo has been thrown around.

Now that the elections for the representative in the second district of Pampanga is  but a mere formality, and with the administration dogs ruling the lower house the only thing that she needs right now to make this all possible is to have the leader of the executive branch, AKA the President to be her ally.

And Lakas’ choice as their presidential candidate? Gilberto Teodoro. A smart guy who can sway you into voting for him by means of talking. He served as the secretary of  the department of national defense and spent 9 years in the lower house, representing the  first district of Tarlac.

A good option? Maybe. But a winnable one? I doubt it.

Back then, Mr Teodoro was talking about how they’ll use all their “political machinery” and uhm “funds that the law will allow”  to make him be more known to the public, given he was basically an unknown entity to the masses before he was appointed by his party to represent them in the upcoming presidential elections. And knowing our great leader and her great party and how they can generate funds out of nowhere, well, it is very possible.

But now, with only about 30 + days before the election proper, where is this giant political machinery that Mr Teodoro talks about? Where is the support of the great leader’s party?

Right now, many voters aren’t voting for Gibo mainly because he’s an ally of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and as I’ve said above, when the next president seated in Malacanang is an ally of the next Speaker of the House (There I said it) bad things can happen. Many people that I’ve talked to that will not vote for Gibo (I won’t vote for him for some other reasons) said that. And I can’t blame them. Who would want to see a greedy fucking leprechaun looming around and being a threat to be our Prime Minister? I definitely don’t.

So there, everybody happy. Gibo won’t probably win and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s dreams of being a Prime Minister dies here.. or not. Do you even think that our great leader will give up that easy? Even in movies, supervillains doesn’t give up easy. They pull out all different sorts of magic stuff right out of their ass just to get what they want. The same thing can be applied here.

Enter Mr.Garbageman, Manny Villar. Right now, even though I’m a full pledged supporter of Senator Gordon’s candidacy, we really don’t need a rocket scientist to say that Manny Villar and Homer err Noynoy Aquino have the biggest chances of winning this year’s elections. With Noynoy dominating the surveys from day one and Manny closing the gap after months of filling our television with really fucking annoying jingles, it’s safe to say that the chances of both these guys losing in the elections is pretty low.

Now why did I mention Manny Villar? Because everything that the administration has fed us, everything that they have said before is all MISDIRECTION. Gibo as the candidate, PAPAYA-MAN Edu Manzano as his partner, the lack of funds and support, the weak senatorial line up.. everything is all apart of the biggest misdirection in the history of the Philippines.

GMA is smart. She knew in her heart that none in her party is capable of winning this year’s election. They can tap Bong Revilla as their presidential candidate and he can put up a fight more than what Gibo can offer, but why Gibo?

Gibo is the ideal candidate. A young respectable guy who can talk. A smart guy who’s been around in the political scene for quite some time now, and oh, did I mention he has absolutely no chance of winning?

If GMA and her party taps someone with a slightly bigger chance of winning like Bong Revilla and Bong loses but puts up a better fight, the chances of her plan materializing will be lower. And what is her plan?

Make Manny Villar win by all means possible.

She knew Gibo wouldn’t put up a fight compared to Villar and Aquino, but he’s smart and he can talk, that’s why he’s the sacrificial lamb in this one. That’s why he’s the perfect guy for misdirection. Him getting some votes over Mannyboy won’t hurt as much as someone better like Mr.Revilla getting votes.

And Gloria Arroyo, with the evil mind that she has, knows this.  And things are already beginning to show. The Garcias in Cebu, a known ally 0f Malacanang and a clan that played a crucial role in the 2004 Presidential Election win for our great leader has already pledged support for the Garbageman. And who’s the man who made all of this happen? None other than the FG (Frustratingly Gago) Mike Arroyo himself.

“It’s true. The First Gentleman and his allies are supporting Manny Villar. That may have triggered Teodoro’s resignation,” said a Lakas senatorial candidate, who asked not to be named.

And now with the Admin allies swerving onto the orange lane one by one it is becoming clearer and clearer that this is something that needs to be looked into.

Aside from Gibo being the sacrificial lamb, one must also look into the weak senatorial line up that the administration has set up this year. Come on, Ramon Guico? Rey Langit? Raul Lambino? Their best senatorial bet Bong Revilla is even a guest candidate for Nacionalista and I don’t even know what that fucking means!

The fact of the matter is, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has already set Gibo and the gang for failure way before this circus started. She knew that Villar had the biggest chance of stopping the Yellowagon and with her help, they can overcome the so-called Cory magic. With the people getting tired of her and her party each and every day that passes, she knew she had to do something. And this is it, a misdirection waiting to happen. Mrs Arroyo just countered Cory Magic with her own dark magic trick called misdirection.

And if all things fall into plan, Villar as the President and Arroyo as the speaker of the house. Be afraid, be very afraid. The evil empire of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo or uhm, Prime Minister Arroyo will continue.


Written by bassman500

April 3, 2010 at 3:06 AM

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